About Planet Handcrafted

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At Planet Handcrafted our purpose is to curate authentic, indigenous, handcrafted art forms, many of which are facing extinction events in their centuries of existence. The practitioners of these art forms while masters of their craft, often find themselves challenged to keep pace with rapid evolutions in the market and in technology. Our mission is to connect these artisans with a world of consumers who not only have the sensibilities to appreciate their art but are also passionate about protecting the common human heritage that binds us all. We are committed to creating impact at the grassroots by generating income and employment for the practitioners and by strengthening the communities that nourish physical and emotional well-being within these communities. Through this we aim to revive and bring back the lost glory and vibrancy in these endangered arts. We will empower our artisans with world-class technology, analytics and service orientation which when combined with their exquisite craftsmanship will enable them to compete effectively in an increasingly tech and data driven, digitized world. We will delight our customers with an expansive assortment of authentic, high quality handcrafted products, exceptional customer service, reasonable pricing, and a deep satisfaction of knowing that they are helping make our planet more sustainable, inclusive and fair.

We are committed to sustainability and ethical production, and only work with artisans who share these values. We believe that by supporting these artisans we will contribute to making our planet more habitable and one that we can responsibly hand over to our next generation. Every handcrafted item has a special energy and soul that cannot be replicated by mass-produced goods, simply because each one of them is crafted by a human hand. Each piece we offer is created with tremendous effort, attention to detail, commitment to sustainability and truly are one-of-a-kind as no two handcrafted items are exactly alike. Our roster of artists is hand-picked to ensure the quality of assortment we bring to our customers.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting talent to add to our team, individuals with a sense of purpose and who are deeply committed to delivering impact in people’s lives to make this world a better place. We are also constantly seeking new and innovative art forms to offer to our customers. Our online store is regularly updated with new pieces of art and art forms, so be sure to check back often to explore what's new.

Thank you for choosing Planet Handcrafted. We hope you find things that are special, that speak to your sense of aesthetics and bring joy to your life. Welcome and happy explorations!