Celebrate The Festive Season with Festive Gifts

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Celebrate The Festive Season with Festive Gifts

From the spirituality of Navratri, the nine nights dedicated to the divine feminine energy, to Karva Chauth, a celebration of marital bonds and love, to the grandeur of Diwali, the festival of lights, symbolising the victory of good over evil, and finally, to the global charm of Christmas, these festivals paint a vivid tapestry of emotions, celebrations, and cherished traditions. Festive gifting is an enduring ritual that transcends time, uniting billions of hearts with celebration, gratitude and joy.


Many festivals are associated with one particular deity or name of God. For instance, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are among the most popular deities in India and festivals associated with either of them are celebrated on a grand and large scale.

You can then imagine the flavour and fervour with which a festival that is associated with both of them gets celebrated! Little wonder then, that Diwali, the festival of lights, which derives its significance from landmark episodes in the lives of Rama and Krishna is literally an explosion of celebrations. In the same vein, the festival of the nine nights, Navaratri, which celebrates all the goddesses of the Hindu pantheon is another important, nationwide celebration. Both these festivals come one after another, with Navaratri climaxing into Diwali and they bring on unprecedented celebratory zeal. And where there are celebrations, gifting to loved ones, business associates and partners becomes an integral part of it in the months of October and November.

The Ritual and Spiritual Practices of Purification

These two festivals mark a period of cleansing. After all, isn’t cleanliness considered next to godliness? These practices are not just about physical cleanliness. The external cleanliness symbolises a purification of the home along with the spiritual cleansing of one's heart to welcome positivity, prosperity, and good fortune.


Hand made Table decor of a village musician couple


In fact, "Diwali cleaning" is an actual term that people use to refer to the thorough cleaning of every corner of their homes! They clear the clutter and repaint places where necessary. People then decorate their homes with intricate, colourful and auspicious rangoli designs at their doorsteps and courtyards. Rows of diyas (oil lamps) are lit to symbolise the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. These lamps are often placed in and around the house, on windowsills, balconies, and verandas. Then, there are the door hangings called "torans" or "bandanwar" decorating the entrances. Fresh flowers are strung together to make garlands or are used to create floral arrangements in homes and temples.

A Period of Sharing and Caring

Navaratri and Diwali are also traditional gifting periods. People use the occasions to convey their love, affection, regards or respects to peers, elders and youngsters alike. Even corporates give gifts to their customers, clients, partners and employees as a mark of appreciation of the associations around the year, and to celebrate the festive spirit. It is here that you can add a dash of creativity and layers of deep meaning in conveying feelings with unique Diwali gift options.

Some gifts are aesthetically pleasing, some carry splendid backstories. One that is both is a gift that is made by the human hand and not in an assembly line of machines. Apart from carrying a personal touch, they are exquisite showcases of beauty and also support traditional craftsmanship. If you are looking for unique diwali gift ideas or even thoughtful diwali gift ideas, you consider an amazing array of authentic, indigenous handcrafted gifts that are now available online on authentic platforms like Planet Handcrafted! Here are some unique handcrafted diwali gift ideas for family, friends and business associates.

Wall Decor:

From hand made heritage paintings to traditional masks, decorative frames to art panels, wall decor is among the best diwali gift ideas. Carrying traditional and cultural significance, many wall hangings and decorations feature auspicious symbols, religious motifs, or intricate designs that are meaningful to these celebrations. At the same time, these hangings also convey themes that are universal in their appeal. For instance, the creative handmade tribal Gond painting of a unique and colourful bird feeding her chicks depicts the theme of motherhood poignantly and powerfully. Similarly, handcrafted wrought iron dancers and singers as wall hangings usher in a celebratory atmosphere into any home and will be a fantastic Festive Season with Festive Gifts. Crafted with the highest quality and attention to detail, these authentic handmade treasures sourced from generational master artisans bring a touch of cultural richness to any space.


Handmade table decor showing tribal hunter taking aim


Table & Mantle Decor:

Table decor adds a touch of elegance to the celebratory atmosphere and also reflects the thoughtfulness of the giver. It is thus among the unique diwali gift ideas. Diwali and Navaratri festivals are a time of togetherness and sumptuous feasting across India because they coincide with the school vacations and national holidays as well. So, beautiful table decor, such as marble carvings, metal figurines and wooden statuettes, are perfect handcrafted gifts and centrepieces to enhance the dining experience and elevate the festive ambiance. And if there is an important wedding of a close family member, you could pick the unbelievably exquisite marble ‘marvel’ mantelpiece that is intricately inlaid with semi-precious stones. You see, many of these ‘semi-precious’ stones or gems - Malachite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Mother of Pearl, Jade and Jasper- are valuable and the intricacy and expertise with which they are inlaid into the marble surface is not just a connoisseurs’ delight, but promises to be a conversation starter in any social occassion

Floor Decor:

Floor decor items, the exquisite Kashmiri carpets, an understated rug, the versatile durries, or elegant statuettes, not only make for an excellent Diwali home decor option but also seamlessly merge with the surrounding physical space. Handknotted Kashmiri carpets and woollen rugs, adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, create a unique mood and charm in the spaces they adorn. Durries serve as a dual-purpose Diwali gift option that can be used as both floor coverings and hung on walls or laid on tables, Statuettes and figurines, often depicting meaningful and traditional motifs infuse spirituality and artistry into the floor, forging a meaningful connection between the physical space and the rich heritage.

These decor items, both beautiful and functional, become cherished additions to the homes of loved ones, serving as lasting reminders of the festive spirit and cultural heritage that define these celebrations.


Hand carved and painted pure marble vase


Decorative Pieces:

Decorative pieces like chimes and illuminations hold a special significance as they resonate with the core themes of these festivals where darkness is symbolically triumphed by light. Diwali is also called the festival of lights and lamps are among the best diwali gift options! The warm, flickering glow of lamps not only dispels physical darkness but also signifies the dispelling of ignorance and negativity from our lives, ushering in a period of positivity, knowledge, and enlightenment.

Chimes, with their melodious sounds, complement the illuminations beautifully. The tinkling of bells in the gentle breeze symbolises the breaking of silence and the arrival of hope and positivity. It is such an apt gift for Navaratri which celebrates the divine feminine energy along with the triumph of good over evil.

A Gift to The Masterful Maestros as Well

The artisans and craftsmen who craft these exquisite festive treasures play a pivotal role in the vibrant tapestry of our cultural celebrations. For them, these festive periods aren't just times of joy and traditions; they are vital junctures in their annual livelihoods. Many of these artisans rely on the business generated during these festivities to sustain their families and communities throughout the year. As these festivals approach, they pour their skills, dedication and hard work into creating these unique, handcrafted gifts, with the knowledge that the demand for their creations will provide financial stability and secure the well-being of their loved ones.


Handmade makrana marble decorative Taj Mahal plate with stand


What adds to the allure of these artisanal products is their commitment to environmental sustainability. These artisans use traditional and eco-friendly materials and techniques that have minimal negative impact on our planet. By prioritising sustainability, they not only ensure that their craft is passed down through generations but also contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious world.

Supporting and offering patronage to the skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into handcrafted gifts during the festive season, and even through the year, , preserves the rich cultural heritage of our land while empowering those who give life to these exquisite creations! This act of appreciation and recognition allows us to experience the true essence of these festivals. In doing so, we not only illuminate our homes but also our hearts, for it is through this act of sharing that the radiance of Diwali and the divine grace of Navaratri truly shine. Thus, the light and joy is not only created in our homes, but also in many homes and families of these skilled artisans throughout this ancient land.